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A Stroller Pad

If you read my bio, you know that my company, Ma Poupeé Ella, among other items, manufactures stroller pads.


So many people have come to me asking what is a stroller pad, that I’ve decided to write a post about it.
A little over 6 years ago, while pregnant with my first child, Ella, many of my mom friends gave me what they call  shopping lists with all the must haves  for when your baby arrives. I remember going through all those lists and thinking to myself “How on earth do they come up with these things?” I recall finding a lot of important essentials. But on the other hand, there were some superstitious objects that according to old wives tales would protect the baby against the “evil eye”, like tying a “red string” around the baby’s wrist, safety pins with eyes and charms to hang on the crib, the stroller and even on the baby’s back just to name a few. I remember finding on every one of those lists a so called “stroller pad, cover, or protector” and I had no idea what that was and a close friend tried to explain, but I thought that it was a decorative item and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Then, soon after my daughter was born, we had our first “diaper accident” in the stroller which does not need any detailed explanation.  I had to take the whole carriage apart in order to be able to wash it. That’s when it dawned on me why “str0ller pads” appeared on all the lists. I realized that placing a pad on the stroller would not only make it look more attractive, but also make your baby feel more comfortable and protect your pram from  becoming a four-wheeled monster that you have to fight with to disassemble. You remove the stroller pad from the carriage, throw it in the washer and then you can let it air dry or put it in the dryer.

My only problem: there was only one store that sold them and the fabric options did not appeal to me at all. As I felt that I really needed a stroller pad I decided that I had to make my own with a more interesting and exciting fabric and so began my new adventure!  I put together a few handkerchiefs from Oilily, a Danish brand that had the most amazing fabrics, started sewing and after three days I had a brand new stroller pad! I received an incredible response. People asked me where they could purchase one and that is how the idea of manufacturing them was born.

Ma Poupeé Ella = My Doll Ella

Ella with her stroller pad

 An example of a reversible pad with two different fabrics:


Today, Ma Poupeé Ella produces a vast selection of stroller pads in beautiful designer fabrics. We make our designs in limited editions and some are one of a kind.

Reversible bib, diaper pouch and burpie

Le Petit Beauté Kit

in different colors

Don’t miss out! Visit our page and go to “Ma Poupeé Ella’s Babies” picture album.

For more information contact or send an email to

Ella & Jonah in diapers and enjoying a pizza!

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