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A Crafty Brainiac On TV!

by Sandy Glass

I was pleasantly surprised when a few weeks ago, I was contacted through Crafty Brains by a show on Univision, one of the spanish speaking networks, called  “Viva La Familia”. I was asked to do a segment teaching samples of some fun-to-do Arts And Crafts with my children.

I was very nervous because this was going to be my first time on-camera doing what I like to call “multitasking”.  Imagine having to concentrate on doing the project, saying a script and at the same time helping both my kids while being filmed for a show that was going to be on Television!  I can’t even find the words to describe how exited they were.

On the set

I wanted the projects to be entertaining and at the same time educational, so I came up with a few ideas and we ended up making three. The segment is called “Soluciones para Mamá” and it’s sponsored by Walmart which made it easy because they had all the supplies needed for all the activities that we made.

This project is great for creativity and fine motor skills

For practicing spelling and fine motor skills

The show aired on Saturday, October 15. The following week I received a call from one of the producers who told me that people loved the show and asked me if I would be willing to film a couple more… and of course I said YES :)

So the next one will air in November and we’ll be giving some very cool tips on how to decorate your table just in time for Thanksgiving. And the following one will air in December and I’ll be showing some ideas on how to store your photos.

To watch the show go to:

I’ll be posting the dates of the next shows on our Facebook page @ so become a friend and don’t miss out!

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