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About Us

About Us

Crafty Brains is an online magazine founded in March 2011 dedicated to creative minds, from a simple craft to a math equation. We believe creativity is the ability to solve a problem in an inventive and rather unconventional way.

Crafty Brains is the meeting point where artistic minds in search of new ways of expression can find different sources of inspiration.

So the question is, What is a CRAFTY BRAIN?
By definition, “crafty” is someone with a skill or ability to make something beautiful or extraordinary. And “brain” is the organ inside your head that allows you to think, feel and come up with amazing ideas!

So a “Crafty Brain” would be a person who translates his or her thoughts into tangible works of art, crafts, knacks, and is able to share the know-how, expertise and techniques with other crafty brains.

And because no two “crafty brains” are alike, the ideas and possibilities that you’ll be able to find in our magazine are endless!!!

Now enjoy the journey, get inspired, get excited and create!

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Editor in Chief: Sandy Glass
Art Director: Alejandra Marquez
Contributing Editor:
Anita Glass

Publisher: WordPress

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