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Karen Wagenberg

Karen was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia.

After graduating from RISD with a Bachelor of fine Arts with a concentration in Jewelry design, Karen quickly ascended the jewelry world designing modern and brilliant jewelry for different brand name stores. After a couple of years of work she attended the prestigious GIA in New York to hone her skills in the diamond trade. She then got married and moved to Miami were she quickly established as a high-end designer of jewelry for private clients.

After a couple of years designing, she had her first child, Aiden. Because of the demand brought by motherhood, Karen put her jewelry design business on hold and became a full-time mother and that brought a whole new avenue of creativity and artistic inspiration which was shown in the incredible party decorations, cakes and party planning that launched a new career.  Karen artistic cakes became very popular in the small Latin-American community where she lived. After a few years she had her second child, Siena and she was followed a year later by her third child, Adrian. As Karen’s artistic party and cake decoration business grew, she and her family moved to Colombia due to her husband work needs.

She is in the process of establishing a new venture designing and manufacturing a line of sports-swimwear were part of the income is donated to an important charitable cause.

Karen Wagenberg


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