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Patty Zrihen

Patty Zrihen was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. As a young girl, she was always very curious in many aspects, especially all things related to arts and crafts.

From a very early age some of Patty’s talents included dancing and singing, drawing, painting, and she was best known for making outrageous birthday cards for her friends.

After graduating she became a full-time graphic designer, specializing in creative corporative ID and restoring obsolete images for companies that needed an update in their graphic image. Her work was freelance and she also did graphic consulting for small corporations, shopping malls, real estate companies, retail stores, artists, Doctors’ offices and others.

In her never ending hunger for learning new crafts, she found a hidden talent, make-up artistry. She currently works as a make-up artist for brides and bridal parties, special occasions, events and photographers.

When Patty had her daughter, Shelly, she was looking for something new to do with her time away from the graphic world. Inspired by a very good friend she tried this incredible and versatile material: Polymer Clay. She spent days and nights learning the techniques, reading online material, books, tutorials from all over the world, and that’s when Yad Ain was born. Yad Ain, Hebrew words for yad=hand and ain=eye, represent the initial idea of making protective Judaic accessories and home decor. Being a hamsa collector and always looking for the coolest looking ones, she decided to start making them herself.

Today, she gets orders from many countries, among them USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia and Israel.

Patty Zrihen


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