Sandy Glass

Sandy is from Caracas, Venezuela, but with her mother being Cuban-American and her dad South African, she grew up exposed to different cultures and she loves it! Her family is in the fashion industry and she has always been surrounded by textiles and clothing. Having studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design, she likes to mix “old” and “new”, kind of vintage with a modern touch.

When Sandy had her first child, Ella, she needed a pad for her stroller to make it more comfortable yet stylish at the same time. After doing a lot of research she found nothing that met her requirements, so she decided to sew one herself and even strangers started asking where she had bought it. And that’s when “Ma Poupeé Ella” was born.  Today her products also include matching diaper pouches, reversible bibs and burpies.

Then came her second child, Jonah, and she also became a full-time mom. But her creative mind never stops working, and being the multifaceted person that she is, she’s always experimenting with new ideas. She’s a fan of using recycled and repurposed objects in her creations and loves to say that other people’s junk are treasures to her.

When Chabi Chef’s owner, Karina Chaberman, decided to give cooking lessons to a group of people, she asked Sandy to be in charge of setting the table according to the theme of the class, and with that the idea of teaching a new hand-made project in every class was born. The students like the concept very much because she tries to keep it simple and inexpensive.

So today her current occupations would be: mother, wife, teacher, activist, artist and most of all a very CRAFTY BRAIN!

Sandy Glass